Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Doorgift For Your Guest

Code : MT01

20-99 pcs =RM3.60/each
100-199 pcs =RM3.40/each
200-299 pcs =RM3.20/each
300-499 pcs =RM2.90/each
500 pcs =RM2.70/each

Code : BK02

Glass Jar (small saiz)
<100 pcs = RM 5.00/each

*PM for details price for more than 100pcs order

 Code : CB03

100-199 pcs = RM3.80/each
200-299 pcs = RM3.60/each
300-499 pcs = RM3.40/each
500 pcs > = RM2.60/each
1000 pcs > = RM1.80/each

4 colour to choose : Red/Pink/Purple/Ivory White

Code : CSB04

Cupcakes in single box;
-Buttercream cupcakes
-single box
-Customize Sticker

<RM1000 = RM6.00/each

Code : EP05

Handmade doorgift (suitable for kids)
Cadangan Isi di dalam : jelly,lollipop,candies,biscuit

Price ;
10-99pax =RM5.00/each
100-199pax =RM4.50/each
200-299pax =RM3.20/each
300-499pax =RM2.40/each
500 > =RM2.00/each

*harga termasuk customize sticker/thankyou sticker
*harga tidak termasuk isi kandungan

Code : CDB 06

Buttercream Cupcakes + Dome box + Ribbon

12-30 boxes =RM4.80/each
31-50 boxes =RM4.60/each
51-100 boxes =RM4.50/each
100 > =RM3.80/each

Cupcakes with simple deco in singlebox + ribbon as wedding doorgift. 

For VIP doorgift (cupcakes) AnnaLyss akan letak in singlebox+cute ribbon+customize tag. Design cupcakes adalah mengikut citarasa customer.  In case customer no idea about the design, AnnaLyss akan provide beberapa contoh/sample gambar as their inspiration =)

For VVIP doorgift (cupcakes) ringkasnya : Cupcakes in exclusive boxes + ribbon + customize tag + in exclusive paper bag. Design cupcakes juga mengikut citarasa customer.


Thank you for viewing ;-)

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